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What Can Be Treated?
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Hypnotherapy can successfully treat the following problems.
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Top 10 reasons people call

  1. Anxiety/stress/panic attacks
  2. Sleep problems
  3. Giving up smoking
  4. Confidence / Self Esteem
  5. Alcohol and other addictions
  6. Weight loss
  7. Relationship Problems
  8. Public Speaking
  9. Fear of Flying / Phobias
  10. Children's and teenager's problems


This debilitating condition is extremely common. I only realised this after becoming a hypnotherapist. In fact my own mother had the condition which I did not know until recently. I used to think it meant that the sufferer could not leave the house but that is not always the case. As with my mother she felt safe at home and at work and a few other familiar places. Some people simply cannot understand agoraphobia and will try telling the sufferer to 'pull themselves together '. What they don't understand, is that you simply can't. Something deep in the mind is sensing danger or some kind of threat that simply isn't there, or is greatly exaggerated. This goes contrary to the belief of the conscious mind which is as aware as the next person that there is no rational cause for alarm. Hypnotherapy is a gentle method of re-assuring the deep, normally inaccessible parts of the mind, persuading them to stop releasing the feelings of insecurity, panic or terror, allowing the person concerned to go about their lives in a way the rest of us take for granted. It may need to be done in stages but I have often seen an immediate improvement.

Sufferers often feel ashamed of the condition, or believe they are going mad and are very relieved once they understand more about the workings of the inner mind. Incidentally, it is not only past traumas or upset which brings on agoraphobia, it can manifest for a number of reasons. It is not always necessary to know the cause to be able to treat it successfully. Sometimes, knowing the root cause of a problem, as is the prime goal of many analytic forms of therapy simply doesn't make it go away. Automatic feelings of panic can occur when a primitive system of defence, which is designed to protect us, has got it all wrong. The subconscious mind thinks it is helping and may be simply 'mis-programmed', rather like a computer with the wrong disc in place. Hypnotherapy in these cases is best applied to help the mind to re-condition and 're-program' itself to release calm and feelings of wellbeing in place of the agoraphobic feelings, whilst building up self esteem and confidence. If you are sufffering from agoraphobia, or a problem of a similar nature, I can assure you you will receive the very best help possible and will find the whole experience relaxing and enjoyable.

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Many people enjoy a drink. Sometimes however drinking can get out of control. It can creep up on you and before you know it you may have got into the habit of drinking every day and too much at that. Then you try to cut down or even stop drinking and find it difficult to do so. I have helped many people with alcohol related problems. Over the consulation you decide whether you want to control your drinking to an acceptable level or decide to totally give up alcohol and leave it behind in the past. If your problem is binge drinking I can help with that too. To see if I can help you please call or email me.

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Anxiety and Panic Attacks

If you find you rarely or never feel particuarly calm, always feel agitated and have got so used to this way of feeling be assured it doesn't have to be like this. This state of being is harmful to you in the long term and can effect your health. Is is also a very unpleasant way to live your life. I probably see more clients for this problem than most others. Just a few sessions can bring about a major change in the way you feel. After so long it comes as such a relief to go out there do all the normal things in life that you want to do and feel calmer, more relaxed or simply not worried or anxious. Sometimes the sufferer is aware or what started the feelings but not always. It is not important to know as treatment will still be effective.

Panic attacks can be something that comes on very suddenly and can be extremely frightening to the sufferer. Although not life threatening when they happen you feel out of control and in danger. Hypnosis is a very poweful way to end these attacks and put them in the past. I used to have them myself many years ago but now I don't think about them and feel safe in the knowledge they will not return. After a period of time has gone by without them you can feel safe again and know it was just something that you once had but now they have gone for good.

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Binge Eating

When we are stressed or bored we can so easily turn to food for comfort and before long it has become such a habit that our eating goes out of control. The weight piles on then our confidence suffers. It's a scenario I have heard so often. With my help I will instill good eating habits and give you a different mind set so food is no longer the focus of your life. Wouldn't that be good? Call me to discuss how I can help you.

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Blood Pressure

When we are stressed our blood pressure naturally is raised but sometimes living a stressful life cannot be completely avoided. Hypnosis though can tap into the subconscious and help the body to stay calm under pressure thereby sometimes avoiding the need for medication.

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Blushing and Embarrassment

I see many people for this embarrassing condition. Sometimes when people come to see me they have often suffered for years. It may have started at school and they have just gone on living with it. Hypnosis can be very effective in treating this problem. Very often people who blush set very high standards for themselves and are often high achievers. They want to be good at everything they do. Now that is not a bad thing at all, but it can cause a feeling of pressure or even failure if things don't go according to plan. In the session we explore your personality and understand the reasons behind your feelings of embarrassement. Sometimes these reasons cannot be explained and blushing has simply become an automatic response to a stressful or embarassing situation. Either way hypnosis can help by accessing the unconcious mind and making your reaction to certain situations confident and relaxed. There is no need to suffer any longer, try hypnosis, it could make a major change to your life.

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Children's Problems

I find treating children one of the most satisfying areas of my work. Having two children myself and seen them grow into adults I have come across all the trials and tribulations that growing up involves.
These are just some of the things I see children for: Exam nerves, memory and learning, eating disorders, sports performance, fear of flying, bullying at school, bed wetting, confidence, fears and phobias, OCD and nail biting.If you have a child who needs help and the problem is not on this list, do not hesitate to contact me and see if hypnotherapy could help your child.

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Confidence/Social Anxiety/Shyness

Most of us can be ourselves and be calm and confident with best friends or certain members of our family but when faced with other situations, confidence magically disappears, such as when meeting new people or giving a talk or presentation. We can be relaxed, calm and assertive with some people and then be shy, tense and inhibited with others. Deep within the mind of everyone is a natural confidence which may rarely, if ever come through, or may be blocked only in certain situations. For some fortunate individuals this natural confidence is nurtured in childhood, but for others it may be damaged by negative life events or maybe have never seen the light of day. Hypnosis does not 'give' you confidence so much as release what has always been there, locked away, awaiting release and ensure that it comes through in a steady stream whenever it is needed.

At some stage during the session you will experience, under hypnosis, what it feels like to be a totally confident person in certain imagined situations. This is very pleasant in itself. Any blockages preventing your confidence from coming through are discussed beforehand or may be investigated during hypnosis. These blockages are removed and the subconscious mind is conditioned to release confidence automatically in the future.

This treatment is very powerful indeed, but at the same time is extremely relaxing and enjoyable. You will remain in total control at all times and will not be 'sent to sleep' as if so often feared by those without previous experience of hypnotherapy. Hypnosis has control not just over the mind but will also, where appropriate, be used to influence physiological functions, for example, to slow down a racing pulse or prevent excessive sweating brought on by nerves.

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Depression can often be a reaction to some kind of loss or something going wrong in your life. You get into a state of mind where nothing brings you happiness and everything you do seems pointless. You cannot look forward to things as you used to. It may feel like a dark cloud hanging over you. Sometimes these feeling can come on suddenly or may manifest themselves over a period of time.

The sufferer is sometimes unaware of the reasons for the depression or even unaware of what is really causing problems deep down. There are well known therapies, eg cognitive behavioural therapy, that try their best to reason with the depressive's negative feelings, thoughts and beliefs, but though they can be helpful, they are only dealing with the tip of the iceberg.

With hypnotherapy, the parts of the mind that are causing the depression can be helped to come to terms with things and can be persuaded to release all the old feelings of wellbeing, contentment and enthusiasm - they are still there, deep down, blocked by what has happened, or by disappointment, just wating to be released. Be assured, there is a way out. I have seen dramatic results after just one session of hynotherapy on several occasions. However quickly you respond, I urge you to give it a go. Many of my depression clients go on to become a source of new referals. Remember, if the mind can get you into this situation, it can get you out.

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If you fear your driving test because nerves may get the better of you or you have failed previous tests because of nerves or you have already passed your test but lack the confidence to drive or you have lost your confidence because of an accident. Maybe you have been driving for years but have lost confidence for some other reason, do consider hypnotherapy. I have helped many people pass their driving test and enjoy driving again after a period of lack of confidence.

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Drug Addiction

I treat this in a similar way to giving up smoking. It may require several sessions.

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Skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis are very much affected by our mental state. So by calming our minds and helping to cope with stress skin problems can improve. I have seen great results after a few sessions of hypnosis.

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Emotional Pain

These emotions are negative and damaging. Hypnosis can help put these feelings behind you and move on with your life in a positive way. We will discuss what is behind those feeling and I will help you to overcome and accept the past and free yourself for good.

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Exam Nerves

How sad it is when you know your subject, know the answers but when you are under the pressure of an exam situation the stress and anxiety cause your mind to go blank. It's an opportunity lost and it could put your whole professional future at risk. There is no need to suffer in silence. Just one or two session may be enough to help you to go into an exam and be calm enough to perform at your very best. I have helped students off all ages from GSCE and A level students to mature students returning to college after a long break away from education. I am sometimes still surprised by the sheer power of hypnotherapy to help in so many situations. Whatever your age or situation if you need help with overcoming exam nerves contact me for my confidential and caring help.

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Gambling Addiction

Gambling ruins lives. It can start as a bit of fun and quickly can become such an addiction that you risk your wages and in the end sell things you own to pay for the habit. You risk losing your family, your home, your self respect and dignity. With more and more adverts on TV, Internet and billboards the problem is escalating. I have successfully treated gamblers and helped them stop the habit.

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Interview Nerves

Have you ever had a job interview and was let down by nerves? You knew you could do the job well but getting that message across was ruined by nerves. Well help is at hand in the form of hypnotherapy. On the testimonials page you see a testimonial from a very happy client!

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Jealousy is so damaging to a relationship. In fact you may be surprised by just how many clients have come to see me for help with this emotion. Often just talking things through helps you to see things more clearly. Then with powerful hypnosis your rational mind can make sense of the problem and help to eliminate unwanted feelings.

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Memory and Learning

Imagine you have revised for an exam but fear that when you about to begin the exam you will not recall the relevant information and that you will fail your exam. Hypnotherapy can help you to relax and to retrieve that information helping you to succeed.

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You want to do something, you need to do something, yet lack of motivation seems to stop you in your tracks. The desire is there but somehow you always find an excuse. Hypnosis can give you that push you need to go through the barrier and really achieve. Whether it's sorting out that long overdue paperwork or applying for a job or anything else come and see if I can help you to get motivated and feel satisfied with your life once again.

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Nail Biting

If you look at your hands and nails with disgust because they are all bitten and unnatractive try hypnotherapy to give you hands and nails to be proud of. Just a couple of sessions can break the habit that may of gone on for years. I will help you to never bite your nails again, or the skin around them so you can look in the mirror and feel good about yourself.

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Performance Anxiety

Whether you are a concert pianist, a sports person, into amateur dramatics or simply want to improve in any other performance area hypnotherapy can be very effective.

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Phobias (Especially Fear of Flying)

Hypnosis can be very effective for treating phobias and I have had a great deal of success in this area. Some types of phobia are more common such as fear of flying, dogs, cats, spiders, balloons, needles, dentists, doctors etc. others are less common and you may feel your phobia is unusual only to discover there are many people with the same one.

Whatever the phobia, it can be very upsetting and begin to affect your whole life. It can stop you doing the things you want to and prevent you from getting out there and getting on with your life.

Hypnotherapy is a way of communicating with the irrational, subconscious mind and helping it to stop releasing the negative feelings. An immediate change is not unusual after just one session, though in some cases it may take a little longer, each case is different, often depending on how long you have had the phobia. One thing is certain there is no need to live with the phobia. Be assured it is not a scary experience , for instance if you are frightened of spiders I will not show you pictures of them or do anything to heighten your fear, quite the contrary, you will find it a relaxing experience.

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Public Speaking

This can cover so many things. Here are just some of the areas I have treated with success.
Best mans speeches, talking in meetings at work, interview nerves, students having to give presentations at school or college or just having to stand up and talk in front of others. I have seen several people who were training to be lecturers and teachers. Whatever area you need help with hypnotherapy can be extremely effective in helping you to perform and present yourself at your very best. For my sympathetic and understanding help please call to discuss.

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Psychogenic Infertility

If you are having problems conceiving and there is no medical reason for this then hypnotherapy may help you. Many years ago I knew a woman who desperately wanted a baby and tried for years to conceive. Eventually they decided to adopt a baby. She adopted a little girl and almost immediately fell pregnant and went on to have two natural babies of her own. The reason was probably because she relaxed and gave up worrying about conception. This is how hypnotherapy may help, in the trance state the unconscious mind can accept suggestions for relaxing and letting go of the worry of conceiving. It has helped many people to conceive when there was no medical reason for not conceiving. It is safe with no side effects.

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Our relationship is often the most important area in our life. After all we are human and it is only natural. When things so wrong it can be very distressing. The very thing we want so much and feel is so important in our life is just falling apart. Over the years I have helped many people rebuild or even come to terms with a relationship ending. During the session I will talk to you at length and establish what you want from your relationship. We know we do not have the power to change others, but we can change how we react in certain situations thereby making a relationship happier and more calm. Just talking about the problem is therapeutic in itself. Then with discucussion things come to light and you can see things so much more clearly. You will find the hypnosis calming and enjoyable and hopefully leave the practice feeling refreshed and with hope for the future.

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Self Esteem

Frequently linked to lack of confidence in some people is low self esteem, which can arise for a whole variety of reasons. Hypnotherapy will help boost your self esteem, and give you a new belief in yourself. Whatever has happened to you so far in your life, there is a strong, positive side that is waiting to come out. If appropriate, past situations may be explored and negative feelings such as guilt, anger, disappointment, failure and regret are released for good, so that you can live the rest of your life free from the baggage of the past. Everyone has the right to believe in themselves, to stand up for themselves and to be proud to be who they are.

Most of my confidence clients respond very quickly to hypnotherapy, often within a session or two. To see if hypnotherapy can help you please call or email me to discuss.

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Sleep Problems

Going to bed at night should be a good feeling, that time at the end of the day when you can just relax have a peaceful and restful sleep and wake up the next day feeling refreshed and ready to go. If though, you are suffering from insomnia, broken sleep when you wake and cannot get back to sleep or nightmares then going to bed is a time of day which you can begin to dread. A pattern then occurs when which can be very difficult to break. I have helped many people overcome these problems and helped to establish a good sleeping pattern so that once again going to bed is pleasant.

I can also help with sleeping problems with children including nightmares and waking in the night and not being able to get back to sleep.

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Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding can lead to jaw and teeth problems. I have helped many clients stop this habit and have a better nights sleep and wake up with relaxed jaws.

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Wedding Nerves

Imagine your big day is imminent and it should be one of the happiest days of your life but nerves are getting the better of you. Maybe you feel self conscious when all eyes are on you or you have another reason to be worried. Well help is at hand with hypnotherapy.

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Weight Loss

Being overweight can affect your confidence and put your health at risk. Whatever your reasons for needing to lose weight hypnotherapy can be a very real help to change your eating habits for life.To begin I will talk to you at length about your eating habits, discussing the foods that are your weaknesses and the ones you crave. Together we analyse and discuss a healthy and less calorific way to eat and eliminate the urge for sweet and fattening foods. If you are a comfort eater or bingeing, emotional issues will be dealt with. I will help you to stop eating when you are full and encourage you to take more exercise. The weight loss should be gradual but steady, and come about because of a lifestyle change. It will usually require 3 sessions with the occasional top up session depending on the progress. Imagine how good life would be if you could reach your target weight.

Many people, both men and women come to me after trying many different weight loss programmes and find hypnotherapy can help them to reduce their weight safely and naturally with a successful outcome. I can also help with weight gain and other eating disorders.

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Women's Sexual Problems

Whatever your concern is come and discuss and see how hypnotherapy can help you to overcome sexual problems and enjoy a good relationship.

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