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Here are some comments I have received. All names have been changed...


I will keep you posted throughout this journey. many thanks for all your help. It's been a pleasure meeting you. Take care xx

Quit smoking

Thank you so much Danni. Since our last session I have not smoked, I have no desire or compunction to smoke at all. I am a non smoker. Thank you so much

Thumb sucking

Successfully treated this client with a problem that had bothered her for a long time

Dear Danni,
Thank you so much for helping me stop sucking my thumb. That night I didn’t put it near my mouth. It worked and haven’t done it since. It was really good and worth the money thank you Danni

Alcohol addiction

I have been helping this client for the last 4 months and today received this text message

Just a message to say that today I have my family over for a bbq to celebrate my 50th birthday and I owe so very much to you for how I'm feeling today. Your belief, humour and professional help have made things feel normal and I'm happier than in a very long time. So from bottom of my heart thank you and I'll be with you soon Bridget xx

Binge eating.

I saw this client today and just received this text.

Thank you so much for today Danni. I really enjoyed meeting you and you were so insightful and understanding- I feel very positive. I'll let you know how I get on and give you a shout if I need you again. Thank you again xx

Fear of going into an MRI scanner

I saw this client for anxiety due to needing to have an MRI scan the following day. Later the following day I received a phone call, he said

"I did it. I had the scan. I felt calm, no nerves at all. Your hypnotherapy worked, I am so pleased I was able to have the MRI"

Sports performance

This lady came to see me as she became very anxious before judo competitions and was unable to participate. I received this text from her.

Hello Danni, good news! I was scared when I got there today but then I performed better than I ever have. I won 2 fights against a lady twice my size. I would have given in before. can't thank you enough, you are a blessing. Sally x

Interview nerves

18 year old student wanting to go to medical school.

Matthew came to see me two months ago,he had attended two interviews for medical school and had not been offered a place. He felt his interview anxiety was preventing him from coming across at his best. He had just one session of hypnotherapy a few days before his third interview. His mother just called to say he has been offered a place at a London medical school.

Quit smoking

Dear Danni,
I wanted to send this email to you ages ago, but keep on forgetting. Just wanted to let you know that my husband James came to you in May to assist with his smoking habit. I am pleased to report that he has not touched a cigarette since. You have done remarkable work and thank you for it. I will definately recommend your services. Kind regards, Belinda

Overcoming depression

So lovely to get this text from Maria, I have seen her many times in the last 7 years. After just 3 sessions she is smiling and happy and can begin to enjoy life once again.

My dear sweet friend I just thought I should let you know I'm getting ready to go out to meet friends and thanks to you my mood is a lot better, still feel a bit nervous meeting up with people I have not seen in over 4 months but I feel great, I think I am starting to enjoy life again, thank you so very much! Speak to you soon xxx

Quit Smoking

Hi Danni,
It's 2 years today since you helped me quit the smoking habit and I'm still going strong. Happy new year! Julie

Eating Disorder

Hi Danni,
just wanted to tell you I am so happy with the results . It is really lovely not being obsessed with food it has been life changing. I am so so grateful to you !!!! Wish I had found you years ago. Are you free monday morning as don't want the magic to fade. Thanks once again Julie


Danni Jones offers a wonderful service which I can highly recommend. The location for the therapy is very peaceful and calming, ideal for deep relaxation. The hypnosis sessions are unrushed, and Danni takes the time to discuss exactly what I want to achieve from the therapy, prior to the session beginning. Over several sessions of hypnosis, Danni has literally transformed my life, bringing me new levels of confidence and self assurance that I never believed were possible. Thank you Danni.

Alcohol Addiction

Joey came to see me recently when his drinking got out of control. He knew from past experience that cutting down was not going to work as he admitted he was addicted to alcohol and the only course of action was to give up alcohol completely. I saw him twice in two weeks. I received this text today.

Danni! 10 days and not even temped to touch booze! House mate had a few drinks last night sitting next to me and I found myself talking in past tense! "When I used to drink", "When I drank"... Smoking a bit more but we can work on that later! Thank you! Thank you very much!! I feel amazing.

Anxiety Problems

I came to Danni for anxiety (I guess I get it off my Mum). Danni told me in the week ahead I would get through all my jobs easily and I would be calm even if things went wrong. Well, I did feel better. Very impressed. Danni knows her stuff.
-- Peter

Binge Eating

Sara had been having a problem this last year with binging on unhealthy food. I got this text today...

Hi Danni how are you? I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful treatment. It really worked. I eat breakfast lunch and dinner and don't even think about food other than that. This is amazing! I gave it a week just to be sure the effect will last. And yes it did. My exam went well too. Thank you, keep in touch. Sara

Fear of Flying

I received this postcard from Australia. I helped Steve give up smoking and when he planned to emigrate he needed help with fear of flying.


Hi Danni

A promise is a promise. I totally believe the two sessions I had with you enabled me to get on the plane and head to pastures new via Thailand. I can't believe that with your help it was easy. That and a few glasses of wine and my headphones! Thank you so much. We have just moved into our flat overlooking the water.

Best wishes and should you ever visit, you'd be welcome.


Stop Smoking Success!

Hi Danni, hope ur fine ! I'm very happy to tell you that I'm feeling so much better. I haven't smoked at all since I met you. The first 3-4 days were the hardest. It now feels like a thing of the past. I didn't feel any cravings at all.I don't think about cigarettes that often and when I do it doesn't bother me.

I was hoping it would work like magic and it did. I'm finally a proud non-smoker. I couldn't have done it without ur help. Thanks ever so much :)



Dearest Danni,
I hope you are well. I've been meaning to e-mail you for some time now and catch up! I'm still working at the ....... and enjoying it very much. We are really short staffed and have to work extra hard which suits me fine! My quest to better my life continues and I'm still persuing my goal which will take a lot of personal development from my side to scale. I often think of you and the time we spent together to both inspire and ground me. You were there with me in my darkest moment and I have many memories of leaving your office feeling full of hope and positivity. That positive feeling I will try to remember and hold on to forever. How have you been ?
Love Raj.

Children's Problems

Text message received from Saeed. This 13 year old boy came to see me 3 times. He was having problems with family life and was unhappy at school. It is always particularly satisfying to help children.

Hi just wanted to tell you Danni that I started my new school today. It was great. I feel so much better now.

Internet Session With Client in Illinois

This was my first session with a client over the internet using yahoo messenger. It went really well, Angie sent me this email to add to my testimonials page.

Danni is a very gifted hypnotherapist. I only had one "mini" online session with her, but it really opened me up to over-coming my issues with severe anxiety. I came out of the session feeling empowered, and much more in control. I highly recommend her services to anyone that is looking for alternative and natural treatment.


Omar had 3 sessions over the last 3 weeks. He sent me this testimonial.

I'd had anxiety for so many years and it just built up and up. I went to a lady called Danni and she really helped me through it and freed me from the anxiety. I feel so much better.

Fear of Injections

Sarah came to see me 2 weeks ago and phoned me to tell me how successful the treatment had been. I asked her to email me a testimonial, here it is...

My name is Sarah and I have a great fobia of needles and injections. I have had some bad experiances and since i was little my fear has gotten bigger and bigger. So when I was told that i was going to have 3 injections, i was really worried about it. The first two didn't go well, and i didn't think that i was going to get over my fear until my mum had booked me an appointment to see a woman called Danni who was a hypnotheripist. I had a 1 hour session with her a week before my injection was due. Danni is really helpful and she helps you create an image in your head to thin about while you are having it done, which she said would help you be distracted and not concentrate on it. A week passed and it was the day before my injection, i was starting to get worried so I did what Danni had told me and it helped calm me down. It has been 3 days since my injection... and i am no longer scared of needles or injections. Danni's advice really helps you forget about how scary it really is.

You don't have to go and see a hypnotheripist just for injections, it can be for ANYTHING.

I am very greatful to Danni for helping me get over my fear!

Thank you !


Weight Loss

I just weighed myself for the first time in 2 years - I am a stone and a half less than I thought I would be. I have never in my life had that before, usually weigh more than expected so would always have been thrown into an even lower place. All the therapy has worked - it was to do with emotional issues all my life - how it affected me, it seeps into everything. I never ever believed I could do it before, so set myself up to fail every time, now I know what it is about I am in control cos I know why I was preoccupied with food, I was hungry for love from my childhood and tried to self soothe myself, apparently it is very common, I will be in touch in a couple of weeks. Thanks for your support, Beverley.

Stop Smoking

I would like to give you some good news, in that I have stopped smoking for two and a half months now and I am still going strong...
I think that as with anything the mind is a big thing when it comes to stopping and keeping stopped. I am no saint but I don't feel like a cigarette anymore and had I not been able to come to you to start with I would never have got on the path to giving up and staying off cigarettes.

I wish all of the people who come to you success with the path to stopping and staying stopped the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

Kind Regards



Received this text from a client. She had been suffering with bulimia for 3 years.

Hi Danni! It's Susan, I met with you last saturday, just thought I'd let you know that since our meeting I have not binged once, I am doing the 3 meals a day easily, have lost several pounds and got offered the job I had my heart set on, so things seems 500% better! I am hoping I will make it to next saturaday then it will be 2 weeks! I am quietly confident, thank you x

Binge Eating

Text message for a change this time. From a happy client who has come to see me a few times over several years about over-eating in response to stress. I have just made her a personalised CD so she can listen to this to help keep her on track and motivated. She wrote:

Feeling so much better thanks to your fairy dust

Relationship Problems

I have been seeing this client for many years. She usually comes to see me about once a year to go through any problems and also orders CDs from time to time.

Hi Danni

It was great to see you. As usual I came away feeling a lot clearer, so thank you for that. I will be wanting a CD at some point. Please let me know about prices. I know I have to send you a list of what I'll be needing like I usually do.

I feel so much more positive after seeing you, Please don't retire - EVER!!!!

Big hug


Weight Loss

It really works! This client first came to see me nearly 2 years ago. She lost 3 stone, then had twins, when they were about 6 months old the weight began to creep back on. So she decided to come and see me again...

Hey Danni,

Hope that you are good. Just to let you know you've worked your magic again!! I went to the slimming world meeting on Tues and I'd lost 4lbs!!! I've been really good but do find I'm thinking about food too much so I'm wondering if I need to come and see you again? We're going away tonight for a week but maybe the week after.

Thanks Danni

Sally x

Interview Nerves

Hi Danni,

I just wanted to thank you for all your help with the job interview nerves - and I really appreciated all the extra advice and support you gave me. I've not been in touch before now as I had to wait a while before the outcome was decided - and now I have the news I've been waiting for: I GOT THE JOB!! So I'm very happy indeed!
The interview itself went ok - I felt I was in control. I felt I had started off very strong, which the interviewers agreed about. I did of course get nervous... and I did freeze up a couple of times, but the fact that I could tell them my mind had gone a bit blank, deal with it with a smile, and bring it back again must have helped them to see through the nerves. So a combination of things made it all quite positive - I did feel that it had been a positive experience for me, regardless of whether I got the job or not... but the outcome was even more positive than I hoped!

Thanks again for your help - I'll remember the strategies you gave me for future interviews, and hopefully have similar success!

I hope things are good with you, and wish you all the best.

Best wishes,


Weight Loss

Weight loss is really busy at the moment. This email shows the success I've been having lately.

Dear Danni,

As you have successfully treated my husband and I for weight loss, my sister is visiting london this week and is desperate for an appointment with you. I know it's short notice but would you have anything this wednesday coming?
Hope all well with you

Janet Moore

Giving Up Alcohol

Dear Danni,

I came to see you in July 2008 with a desire to give up alcohol for good. I had noticed that I was drinking alcohol every day and I was starting to crave it. I had been unsuccessful at giving it up in the past and with my upcoming IVF treatment I knew I needed to do something about it. After the session I walked out knowing I would not be drinking again!

It's now January 2009 and despite holidays, birthdays, Xmas and various parties..I have not touched a drop and have had no desire to do so either. My mind (and my skin) is so much clearer.

Thank you very much!


Stop Smoking

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the hypno a couple of months back. I'm glad to say I'm still not smoking and it worked a dream.
Thank you.

I also wanted to pay for brother to have the same as a Christmas present, when could you see him?


Stop Smoking

These 2 clients made appointments for quit smoking sessions on the same day.

Dear Danni

I came in on the 30th September with my mother in law in a bid to stop smoking. I have not touched a cigarette since and neither has mummy! Although mummy did find it a little rocky she has not once fallen of the wagon. Me myself the one who did not believe hypnotherapy would help me, me who did not even really want to give up smoking when I came to see you - I haven't even given it a second thought! I forget what it was like to be a smoker especially when I see people huddled outside of the bar/cinema/theatre in this awful weather I wonder why I was ever that stupid! I am so glad I found your website and so glad I made the step. I am now a non-smoker who is enjoying life and giving smokers a wide birth!

Thank you

Kindest regards


Stop Smoking

I received this email from a client I have treated recently. She had been smoking 20 a day for 47 years!

Hi Danni

I wanted to let you know that since my session with you I haven't touched a cigarette and it's been three days now! I can't pretend it's been easy. However, I hear your voice every time I want to smoke and it has helped me enormously to summon up the will to not light up.

I've started a spidergram in my diary which I keep updated to remind me of all the reasons I shouldn't smoke and one of the unexpected ones was smell. I'm suddenly horribly aware of my clothes smelling of smoke and they're the ones in the wardrobe! Heaven knows what the ones I wore smelt like.

Thank you so much - I hope you won't mind if I let you know progress from time to time. It helps me to keep on track.

Best Wishes



Hi Danni,

I came to see you just over a year ago, I was going through a break up from my now, ex-girlfriend. I really have wanted to say thank you so much over the last twelve months, but have never got around to doing it. Since coming to see you my life has got better and better, I have regained the confidence I had lost and what is even more astonishing I have gained even more confidence than I had lost. From how I remember my life at the time, I was struggling to cope with even the most minor of life's fluctuations. But now, even when life is throwing every last curveball at me I feel in a position to cope and see the good times that are just round the corner.

Also, I would just like to say that my GP was so amazed at my progress that she asked me for your name and contact details and now refers her patients to you with similar symptoms.

I would once again like to say a big THANK YOU, for enabling me to get my life back in order!!!


John Taylor

Confidence/Public Speaking

Thank you so much for the CD, I listened to it Friday night and it was lovely.

Teacher training was in London yesterday and instead of dreading being called up to present, I volunteered. I felt a bit nervous when it was finally my turn because our trainer was having one of her off days and constantly kept stopping others who went before me. When my turn came, I was surprised to find I was actually smiling as I talked to the class. I was amazed at how clear and strong my voice was. I felt amazing, my voice was so strong and projected I could feel it bounce off the walls and come back at me! I really, really enjoyed it.
My classmates were totally amazed at the change in me and said it was like I was transformed overnight, they couldn't believe how calm I was and how strong my voice was compare to other times when I failed miserably. I came home last night with a smile on my face and its still there. I know it won't all be plain sailing but I'm not sacred anymore. I look forward to the rest of my classes and to my final exam when I know everything I've studied will up there waiting to be tapped into.

I'm feeling positive about my future and confident in my ability. Thank you so much Danni for all your help, kindness and understanding. When (if) I feel the seeds of doubt start to creep in, I will listen to your CD and reaffirm everything I felt yesterday. I will let you know how my exams go.

Thank you once again :-)

Kind regards



This client had hypnotherapy for public speaking. She was required to give presentations to small groups, and talk in meetings.

We had a team meeting this morning and I was asked to discuss a topic... Suprisingly it was FINE!! I couldn't believe it and still can't!! I really am in shock...

I can't thank you enough and I'm so glad I saw you last week.

Thanks for everything

Weight Control Success!

Hello Danni,

I came to see you four weeks ago for my eating problem. It has worked brilliantly. I haven't wanted to eat anything sweet apart from fruit. I don't need a dessert... don't even think about it. I eat much less... I even leave food on my plate. I'm not sure how much weight I have lost but it must be nearly half a stone... all without any effort.

Thank you so much.


Fear of Flying

This girl of 11 used to be so nervous when flying that she would feel sick and was unable to eat much on long flights. She now looks for you holidays, even if it means long flights!

Hi Danni

Jane and I wanted to write and say that she had an okay flight TO the US, but her flight back to the UK was amazing!? She felt great and even ordered food on the flight and ate and slept! She was a little sick on landing, but for a 10 hour flight, that is nothing!

So, a big thanks from us once again and we hope you had a good summer.? We certainly did.

Love, Jane and Emma

Exam Nerves

Hello Danni,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your help earlier this year. I got a C in history, a B in maths (which was where your help came in most handy) and an A in chemistry. With these results I was able to get into my first choice university which im starting after my holiday job.

I honestly believe our sessions greatly helped with my exam nerves enabling me to "do my best" on the day.

I hope everything is going well for you and that you are well. Thanks again!!



A girl of 16 came to see me with a blushing problem. After one session I received this email.

Hi Danni,

The blushing has definately made an improvement, and I am starting to feel a bit more confident, I don't blush as often and when I do it isn't as bad as it used to be. I would like another session soon,


This client came back to see me again soon afterwards. Things continued to improve.

Skin Problems

A man of 30 came to see me for problems with eczema. He found it difficult to sleep at night because of continual stratching. After one session he sent me this very encouraging email.

Hi Danni,

The scratching does seem to be getting less and I am getting more sleep at the moment which is definitely good! I am still suffering because of the really cold weather but I am sure it is better than it otherwise would be.

I will let you know how it goes over the next few weeks, but I am fairly confident that I will continue to improve.

Thanks again for your help, take care


Another Success

It is always so satisfying treating children and teenagers. This 13 year boy old came to see me because he had watched a couple of horror films at a friends sleepover a year earlier and was having really bad problems sleeping since then. He had just one session with me.

Hello again Danni.
James has slept beautifully for two nights! Thanks so much. I'll keep you posted if any problems.
Best Wishes

Success Story (Fear of Flying)

Here is a letter I received from a 12 year old girl who I have seen a few times for fear of flying.


Thank you so much for what you have done, it has been truly life changing. All of my flights since we started the hypno have been great

Thank you


CD Magic

Hi Danni

Things have been quite good. I can't complain. That CD you made for me has really worked it's magic. I can really see the positive changes. I've managed to amaze myself on more than one occasion. I still have my off days, but then who doesn't? I'll tell you all about it when I see you. Thanks Danni for all your help.

Kind regards


Chocolate Addiction!

Chocolate addiction! It's amazing just how many people seem to have a problem with chocolate. Here is a lovely email I received from a client I recently helped.

I just wanted to email you to say hi and to let you know that since we last met I havent touched a speck of chocolate!! It has been 11 days and I havent had any desire, craving or thoughts about eating it so I hope it continues! If I feel at any time that I am having urges again I will come to see you straight away. It feels as though you have completely removed any emotion I had with chocolate and I am really grateful!

Thanks, you have really helped me out as it was completely controlling my life and my eating habits!!! I feel that I am totally in control of my food on a daily basis and I don't have to feel angry/ashamed/let down anymore which is a lovely feeling!!!!

Speak soon



I received this email from someone I saw for exam nerves.

I am just emailing you say a big thank you because whatever you did last week, made me go into the exam and I think perform quite well. Also I haven't had a negative thought in my head since and I have slept all the way through the night everyday since which is fantastic.

Thank you so much for your help, I am enjoying everything again and I can turn off from my studies completly again and relax.

I will probably come back again before the summer, but until then may I wish you good luck for the future.