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The time to quit is now.

Stop Smoking... in just one session

Stop Smoking With Danni Jones Hypnotherapy

Most people first smoke due to curiosity or in social gatherings, sometimes pressurised by peers. Later it can be converted into a habit or addiction due to boredom or stress. Many people stop smoking cigarettes and go on to use e-cigarettes, which is not the answer as they contain nicotine and other damaging ingredients.The practice is banned in some countries and costs a lot of money ! Some people fear stopping smoking and putting on weight. A person suffering from stress, might feel compelled to smoke. If you suddenly stops smoking, you may fear you will overeat. In therapy we look at what stresses the person and deal with the problem.

I offer the best affordable help. I have a good success rate, I know this because I get phone calls, texts and emails from clients saying 'you helped my friend give up smoking.' Provided you have definitely made up your mind that you never want to smoke again and come with a really positive attitude this could work for you too. My sessions at the hypnotherapy practice are special, I have my own tried and tested formula that I have developed over several years. On my testimonials page you can read what satisfied clients have said about their success.

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When you come to the session we talk in length about smoking, from why you wish to give up, to any worries you may have about giving up. I will ask you about your smoking habits, for instance, do you smoke more when you have a drink? This part lasts up to an hour. Then we do the hypnosis (this part is about another 30 minutes) which is gentle and relaxing.

One session only is all that is required. It will help you cope better with cravings which will decrease as each day goes by. You will naturally be put off cigarettes and forget about smoking. It is the safest and most effective way to give up this addictive habit. Look upon hypnosis as the most positive thing you can possibly do about breaking free from the smoking trap. If you are still hesitating, then remember that about 110,000 men and women die each YEAR in the UK as a result of smoking related illness.In the session I will help you in a relaxing and pleasant way. After just one and a half hour session you could be free from the smoking habit. Imagine how good you would feel. To quote Virgil, the greatest wealth is health!

If you have made up your mind you want to stop smoking for good contact me to discuss by email or phone, I am here to help you. Why wait?