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A relaxing and gentle therapy like no other.

Your first hypnotherapy session. Here is a description so you know what to expect.

First 45-60 minutes

During the consultation you are able to talk things over in complete confidence. This is often therapeutic in itself. The more details you are able to give me, the more I will be able to help you. Your case history is kept strictly confidential. Before we begin I will discuss hypnosis with you, so that you are feeling relaxed and understand the process and you will be able to ask me any questions you want to. I will explain there is no possibility of your losing consciousness or control at any time. You will be fully in control, you will not say or do anything out of character.

Next 30 minutes

I'll then ask you to make yourself comfortable, put on some relaxing music and get you to focus on my voice, to lead you gently into hypnosis.

In the hypnotic state you will feel very relaxed and will hear everything I say. It encourages you to stop moving, but occasionally involuntary movement will occur, such as the fluttering of an eyelid or slight movement in the fingers as the muscles relax and the pulse and breathing rates become slower. Very often, if it is your first time, the hypnotic trance will be light. The depth is not relevant to the results, even a light trance can produce very good results.

Under hypnosis you become open to suggestions, then the desired beneficial suggestions are given to you as well as visualisation. This will help your unconscious mind to change any negative perceptions to positive ones. Your unconscious mind will start working towards a goal gradually changing your behaviour. Any suggestions that are inappropriate to you will be rejected. Self hypnosis for relieving everyday stress will be taught, helping you to cope better in your everyday life.

On awakening you will feel refreshed and just like you do after a really restful sleep. It is safe to drive after a hypnotherapy session.

Last 5 minutes

When it is over I will ask you about your experience of the session and discuss a follow-up appointment if necessary.